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Three-month Summer Salary

During the time in which faculty have no academic obligation (typically a defined three-month period during the summer), they are eligible to receive their entire salary from sponsored projects (subject to sponsor constraints - e.g., NSF limits salary from its grants to a total of 2/9ths of the academic year salary in any one year period, including summer). Since they receive no State salary during that period, the salary offset mechanism does not apply.

During the summer, academic year faculty become direct employees of The Research Foundation. The result is that they become employees of two separate organizations, each of which has all of the obligations of an employer. This includes the collection of taxes such as Social Security and Medicare from all salaries paid. At the end of the calendar year, such individuals receive W2 forms from both the State and The Research Foundation. For some individuals, the combined Social Security payments will exceed the social security maximum. The excess beyond that maximum can be applied to Federal Income taxes.


Summer salary requests only require the approval of the relevant Chair and Dean. Requests for three-months summer salary require two forms:

  1. Three-Month Summer Salary Request Form
  2. Employee Appointment Form (to be used if never on RF Payroll or if more than one year has elapsed since your last RF paycheck) or  
  3. Employee Change Form (to be used if returning to RF Payroll within one year of you last RF paycheck)

For summer salary requests less than three months, submit only the RF Employee Appointment Form or the RF Employee Change Form, using the applicable condition mentioned above.

Requests bearing the indicated approvals will be processed by the Office of Grants Management, provided that the expenditure is allowable by the sponsor and sufficient funds are available in the award. If questions arise after submission of the forms, the Office of Grants Management will contact the faculty member directly.


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