Research Committees


Departmental Administrator Committee

Departmental Administrator Committee (DAC) was formed to increase engagement, training, and education of campus departmental research administrators.

DAC will participate in meetings and workshops to educate and update members on all matters of research administration, including changes in federal regulations and institutional policies, training, providing feedback to SBRO, and exchanging information about best practices. A LISTSERV will be established for day to day communication and requests for shared information. The goal is to increase efficiencies at all levels and to facilitate communication between and among departments and SBRO offices.

The Departmental Administrator Committee is as follows:

Lydia Chabza

Office of Sponsored Programs

Sheila Routh

Office of Grants Management

Stephanie Ammann

Office of Grants Management

Nubia Andrade

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Annette Ainsley

Office of Grants Management

Lynn Allopenna

Institute for Advanced Computation Science

Marguerite Baldwin

Department of Oral Biology and Pathology

Marlene Baumeister

Department of Neurosurgery

Angie Benavides

Department of Family Medicine

Laura Bertolotii

Department of Oral Biology and Pathology

Lori Carron

Graduate School

Alissa Betz

Department of Philosophy

Heidi Ciolfi

Department of Chemistry

Laura Colucci

Department of Geosciences

Catherine Costanzo

Department of Neurobiology and Behavior

Andrea Curran

Applied Mathematics and Statitics

Cindy Forman

Department of Psychology

Ann Gardner

Center for Inclusive Education

Kristie Golden

Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Ana Maria Gonclaves-Lopes

Office of Grants Management

Laura Hawryluk

Department of Microbiology

Glen Itzkowitz

Dean’s Office, School of Medicine

Corrine Jurgens

School of Nursing

Joan Kavanaugh

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Kevin Kelly

Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Dreania LeVine

Center for Infectious Diseases

Stefanie Massucci

Dean’s Office, SoMAS

Pappsey Mathew

Office of Grants Management

Michele McTernan

Department of Anesthesiology

Daniel Matos


Esther Miller


Dennis Mynarcik


Judy Nimmo

Department of Biochemistry

Heather Paquette

Office of the Dean Medicine

Lynda Perdoma-Ayala

Department of Pharmacology

Kathryne Piazzola

Center for Inclusive Education

Celeste Radgowski

Office of Sponsored Programs

Elizabeth Roemer

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Meureen Rogers

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Karen Ross


Chandrani Roy

Materials Science and Engineering

Ruth Smith-Macanka

Department of Pediatrics

Alina Stroia

Office of Sponsored Programs

Stephen Walker

Dean’s Office, School of Dental Medicine

Theresa Wenz

School of Nursing

Maria Wolfe


Research Advisory Committee

A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) has been formed to increase faculty engagement in research-related processes.  RAC will participate in discussions related to research policy and procedure in the Stony Brook Research Office and will review various topics that relate to research efficiency, environment and opportunity in order to facilitate communication between faculty and decision-making administrators and staff.

The Committee is as follows:

Reeder, Richard J. Interim Vice President for Research
Maung-Gaona, Nina Associate Vice President for Research
Balazsi, Gabor Henry Laufer Endowed Associate Professor
Fisher, Nick Distinguished Professor and Director, Consortium for Inter-Disciplinary Environmental Research
Frohman, Michael Director and Chair, Pharmacological Studies
Halegoua, Simon Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
Harrison, Robert Professor and Director, Institute for Advanced Computational Science
Jurgens, Corrine Professor, Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing
Klein, Daniel Distinguished Professor, Clinical Psycholog
Mitchell, Joseph Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Neiman. Aaron Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Obeid, Lina Dean of Research, School of Medicine
Robertazzi, Thomas Professor, Electrical Engineering (University Senate)
Rubin, Clint Distinguished Professor & Chair, Biomedical Engineering, Director, Center for Biotechnology
Ryan, Maria Professor, Oral Biology & Pathology, Director of Clinical Research, Oral Biology & Pathology (University Senate)
Smolka, Scott Professor,  Computer Science Department
Thanassi, David Professor,  Department of Moleculaar Genetics and Microbiology
Thompson-Carino Patricia Professor, Department of Pathology
Tomes, Nancy Distinguished Professor, Department of History
Yang, Yuanyuan Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Graduate Program Director


Vice President for Research
Phone: 631-632-7932
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