Research Misconduct

Overview of Research Misconduct

Stony Brook University is committed to excellence in all research and scholarly endeavors. All members of the University Community ("members") are obliged to:

  • adhere to the highest professional standards of integrity in planning, performing, reviewing, and reporting the results of research/scholarly activities conducted under the auspices of this Institution, and
  • report observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct, and to cooperate with the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) and other institutional officials in the review of allegations and the conduct of inquiries and investigations. All parties have an obligation to provide evidence relevant to research misconduct allegations to the RIO or other institutional officials.

Articles and Training for Research Misconduct can be accessed at our Other Training Resources page.

Policy for Research Misconduct

Research Compliance
Phone: 631-632-9036
Margaret A. McNurlan, Ph.D.
Interim Director of the Office of Research Compliance
Phone: 631-444-8095
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