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Vice President for Research
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Richard J. Reeder, Ph.D. Vice President for Research 631-632-7932
Nina Maung-Gaona, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Research 631-632-7932
Lydia Chabza Special Project Coordinator 631-632-4402
Kathleen Green Executive Administrator 631-632-7932
Proposal Development (OPD)
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Nina Maung-Gaona, Ph.D. Director, Office of Proposal Development 631-632-7932
Deborah Mann Proposal Development Specialist 631-632-1496
Sheri Clark, Ph.D. Proposal Development Specialist 631-632-1985
Sponsored Programs
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Alina Azzam-Stroia Director for Sponsored Programs 631-632-9028
Kathryn Belmonte Administrative Staff Assistant 631-632-4402
Josephine Schwarz Secretary 631-632-9949
Shiu Yie (Jennifer) Hsieh Clinical Trials/Contracts Administrator 631-632-4949
Anne DePietri Contracts Administrator 631-632-4702
Celeste Radgowski Contracts Administrator 631-632-9079
Deborah Chalmers Contracts Administrator 631-632-1682
Kristen Ford Grants Administrator 631-632-8331
Laureen Velez Grants Administrator 631-632-1681
Mary Serra Grants Administrator 631-632-9102
Michele Canton Grants Administrator 631-632-9029
Michelle (Shelly) Rose Grants Administrator 631-632-1610
Susan Ciuffo Grants Administrator 631-632-9089
Razeema Sahib Supervisor, Account Establishment Unit 631-632-6568
Jacelyn Dent Senior Account Establishment Specialist 631-632-6569
Claire Foley Account Establishment Specialist 631-632-9016
Paula Moore Account Establishment Specialist 631-632-9008
Research Compliance
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Margaret A. McNurlan, Ph.D. Interim Director of the Office of Research Compliance 631-444-8095
Mary O'Neill Assistant Director, Research Compliance 631-632-9036
Susan Gasparo Assistant Director, Research Compliance Export Compliance Officer 631-632-1954
Elizabeth Baron IRB Administrator 631-632-9036
Aimee Minton IRB/COI Administrator 631-632-9036
Abdool Samad IRB Administrator 631-632-9036
Lu-Ann Kozlowski HRPP Administrator 631-632-9036
Mary Ellen (Rell) Herz Office Assistant 631-632-9036
Jessica Lasebikan IRB Assistant 631-632-9036
Grants Management
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Sheila Routh Director of Grants Management 631-632-4886
Renee Curry Special Project Assistant 631-632-1732
Cynthia Traub Sr. Administrative Assistant 631-632-4886
Lisa Tierney Secretary 631-632-9038
Stephanie Ammann Assistant Director, Sponsored Project Expenditure 631-632-9071
Doreen Nicholas Sponsored Project Expenditure Coordinator 631-632-1367
Joseph Scarola Grants Management Specialist 631-632-4185
Katherine Rasmussen Grants Management Specialist 631-632-9144
Mary Moran Grants Management Specialist 631-632-9018
Nathan Montague Grants Management Specialist 631-632-9173
Ana Maria Goncalves Assistant Director, Accounts Receivables/ Financial Reporting 631-632-9015
Michele Hass Senior Financial Specialist 631-632-1812
Frances "Cookie" Maxwell Financial Specialist 631-632-1723
Mary Alice Plant Financial Specialist 631-632-9352
Mary Ellen Bestenheider Financial Specialist 631-632-4189
Lori Marjowski Financial Specialist 631-632-9075
Annette Ainsley Manager, RF Accounts and Effort Reporting 631-632-6038
Pappsey Mathew CS Specialist 631-632-9522
Liliane Fenelus Accounting Clerk 631-632-1891
Technology Licensing and Industry Relations
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Peter Donnelly Director, Technology Licensing and Industry Relations 631-632-9009
Maureen E. Case Administrative Assistant 631-632-1362
Donna Tumminello Assistant Director (Engineering and Appl. Sciences) 631-632-4163
Sean Boykevisch, Ph.D. Assistant Director (Life Sciences) 631-632-6952
Valery Matthys, Ph.D. Licensing Specialist 631-632-6561
Anupam Jhingran, Ph.D. Licensing Specialist 631-632-1933
Linda Galvin Financial Manager 631-632-6964
Debra Passariello Financial Assistant 631-632-6427
LeAnn Acconcia Docket Manager 631-632-1497
DoIT Information Systems (Research)
Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Adnan Rangwala Director, Enterprise Applications and Integrations (DoIT) 631-632-1997 Interim Director for Enterprise Applications and Integrations(Research) 631-632-4396
Monique Blakeley Senior Programmer Analyst 631-632-4334
Anthony DeVietro Senior Systems Administrator 631-632-9840
Jason Dayton Lead Programmer Analyst 631-632-2571
Joseph Montelione Lead Programmer Analyst 631-632-7959
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