Animal Use In Research


NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

Standard Operating Procedures for Animal Use

The following appendices provide essential information with regard to the use of animals:

Appendix III:Standard Procedures

The following procedures are listed in the Approval application under the section Experimental Procedures and Monitoring. If your research includes any of the following procedures, please review the information before you begin research activities.

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Avian Embryo Use Policy.pdf
Blood Sampling of Rodents.pdf
Calorimetry Measurements in Rats and Mice.pdf
Collection of Oocytes from Frogs.pdf
Gonadectomy in Rats and Mice.pdf
Guidelines for Working with Animals in Stony Brook University Laboratories.pdf
Guidelines for Rodent Survival Surgery.pdf
Image or Sound Recordings of Laboratory Animals.pdf
Implantation Of Drug Delivery Systems In Rodents.pdf
In Vivo Micro CT (uCT) of Rodents.pdf
Monoclonal Antibody Production in Laboratory Animals.pdf
Polyclonal antibody production in Lab Animals - Use of Freund's Adjuvant.pdf
Preclinical MRI in Mice and Rats.pdf
Production of Subcutaneous Tumors in Rodents.pdf
Protocol for Vascular Perfusion Fixation.pdf
Standard Inveon Imaging of Rats and Mice (1).pdf
Standard Ultrasound Imaging of Rats and Mice.pdf
Surgery and Anesthetic Recovery Record
Tail Biopsies.pdf
Telemetry Unit Implantation in Rodents.pdf
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