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What are You Doing? Training Requirement   Frequency
Office of Research Compliance Training Table
Conducting Research
  CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Course Select the most apropriate course from the list  
    Biomedical Sciences One time
  Social and Behavioral Sciences
  Physical Sciences
  CITI Conflict of Interest Course Select the most appropriate course from the list  
    PHS/NIH Course At least once every four years
  Non-PHS/NIH Course
Conducting Research and                       the above training and then as applicable below  
Human Subjects CITI Human Subjects Protection Course Select the most appropriate course from the list (or for groups of 20 or more, contact ORC for in-person training)  
    Social or Behavioral Once every three year
Data or Specimens Only (do not work direclty with human subjects)
If either (1) the study is a NIH funded clinical trial or (2) GCP training is required by the study sponsor, then:  
CITI Good Clinical Trial Practices Course The first course listed here (Good Clinical Practices Course) satisifies this requirement, but you can choose from others on the list if desired.  
  Good Clinical Practice Course (US FDA Focus) Once every three years
GCP Course for Trials with Investigational Drugs (International/ICH Focus)
GCP Course for Clinical Trials Involving Investigational Medical Devices (International Focus)
If you are "on file" AS A Research Coordinator through the SOM's Office of Clinical Trials, then:  
CITI Clinical Research Coordinator Course   One time
Human Stem Cells CITI Human Stem Cells Course   One time
Animals CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare Course Basic Course for Investigators, staff and students One time (unless species being studied changes) 
    Select applicable course by animal species  - please contact DLAR  
1.  Completion of Division of Occupational, Environmental, and Clinical Preventive Medicine Compliance for All Individuals Listed on Applications and Registration Form One time
2.  Complete the Mandatory DLAR Introduction to the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
3.  Review all Standard Procedures that pertain to the research you are doing before you begin your research activities.  The procedures are listed in the application.
4. Familiarize yourself with SBU, DLAR and Federal Policies
Recombinant and/or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecule Certification on IBC Application    
  Review and Understand the following two required educational documents:  
1.  Overview of the NIH Guidelines Each Application
2.  IBC Investigator Responsibilities
Environmental Health and Saftey Training    
  ELS 002:  Lab Safety - Chemical Hazards

Varies by course, please visit

EH&S Website


  ELS 003:  Lab Safety - Biological Hazards
  ENV 001:  Hazardous Waste Management
  ENV 005: Regulated Waste Management
  EOS 004:  Bloodborne Pathogens
Controlled Substances No formal training requirement    
Radioactive Drugs No formal training requirement    
Any International Activities (includes activities inside and outside the U.S.)             above training as applicable and then below  
Export Compliance Training CITI Training Recommended    


Export Compliance for Researchers:  Part I  


These are one time only courses

Export Compliance for Researchers:  Part II  


Any additional course that is

related to your activities.

Export Compliance When Using Technology in Research
Export Compliance and Distance Education
Export Compliance and Biosafety
Export Compliance for International Shipping
Export Compliance and Purchasing
Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters
Export Compliance and Collaborations
Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs


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